The TIPI Story - Tipi Circle

The TIPI Story

Our journey began over three decades ago when our founders realised that small to medium size business, as well as larger corporates, required real and tangible support, not the perceived support being offered by people who didn’t possess such experience. They felt that business leaders wanted the kind of real hands-on experience and knowledge that our founders had gained over many years of leading very successful and profitable businesses.  

This requirement led to countless business leaders approaching us to consult on their concerns, and despite the continuing demand for our services, we soon realised that consulting was not the answer.

We realised that for companies to achieve real and consistent results we needed to work alongside the leaders and their teams so we could assist them in implementing our proven strategies and methodologies, which we ourselves had not only used but enhanced over time in our roles as senior business managers.  However, time restraints meant that we could not meet the ever-increasing demand for our services.

It was then that we looked for an alternative method to meet the huge demand from all types of businesses be they small, medium or large, by connecting them to real hands-on Business Experts who have the experience, knowledge and thorough training required to ensure that our proven strategies and methodologies could be implemented in businesses throughout the world.

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

Benjamin Franklin

Our solution was to create a company that offered all businesses such potential by having a large number of Business Experts under one roof … and so our company, TIPI Circle Ltd, was created.

TIPI Circle was born out of the combination of four key words – Together Impowering, People, Innovation – and yes, we are aware that Impowering is usually spelt with an E not an I.  And this is deliberate: the original spelling actually starts with I not an E, and we prefer the original spelling because the I is a crucial part of the word in our concept.

In effect the I represents YOU, and the power of YOU is infinite.

Whether you recognise it or not, You shape the outcomes in your company. You are the single most important pivotal element in your organisation. If you look at the greatest leaders (dead or alive), it’s easy to forget that every great leader started just as you have, knowing that greatness is not something that just happens; it’s incredibly intentional. Consciously planning for success is the only way to achieve it.

Our aim is to work Together Impowering People like you and your teams to drive real Innovation continually, hence the concept of the circle, which represents the infinite nature of energy. A circle is a simple closed shape with no beginning and no end.